Forged Steel Christmas Tree Ornament

Forged Steel Christmas Tree Ornament


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I take 1/8" mild steel, cut it by hand & hammer it to shape at my forge in Pittsburgh, PA. The unique hammer strikes left on each piece evoke the snow-covered evergreen branches of the Wild Douglas fir.

The beeswax finish not only protects the steel, but produces a beautiful charcoal tone that perfectly compliments the dark greens of your Christmas tree, and subtly reflects the colors of your holiday lights.

Beautiful on their own and spectacular in sets, these hand-forged steel ornaments pair with the candy canes and icicles, also sold on my store. Tree ornaments are approximately 5 inches long and are shipped in muslin bags. These ornaments will last a lifetime & are meant to be passed down and loved by generations.

Looking for a great, low-cost gift for neighbors & friends? Order in packs of 10 and get these unique ornaments for only $12 each!!